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May 2019

Episode 9: Can kids be lead by the Spirit? (audio)

May 27, 2019

Can kids be lead by the Spirit?

In this episode, we discuss how we, as parents, need to slow down enough to lead our kids spiritually and be the example for our kids to know what a real relationship with God looks like. We can't delegate this out to the church - God entrusted your kids to you on purpose: He has things for you to impart into them that no one else could.

Although it is so much easier to hang out with God while the kids are asleep, invite them into seeking God with you, about big things and little things. It will allow you to coach them through learning the voice of God.

  • What or where to eat
  • What to do
  • Where to go
  • What to buy
  • When to buy
  • How to accomplish something

This episode is full of even more great nuggets - listen and let us know what sticks out to you!