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The Root Family Podcast

May 2019

Episode 8: Others Focused in a Selfie World (audio)

May 20, 2019

The Culture we are in does not represent the Kingdom we are of. Yet, without self-evaluation and intentionality, the culture and standard way of thinking becomes our own.

Here's some of the keys mentioned in this podcast:

When we are fighting to get ahead in business, trying to get noticed for a job well done or even by our dress, these actions actually model selfishness for our kids as the example to follow.

It’s not about “fair, it’s about how much we care.

  • The concern for "being fair" is rooted in selfishness and usually displays that their value is in things and experiences, not in who God is or who He has created them to be.

steps to eliminating selfishness in the family.

  • Pick a phrase, such as fair/care, and hang it on the fridge.
  • Each time we pray, pray about someone outside the family.
  • Set the schedule for the week with your kids and show how you schedule by priorities, not urgencies.

Tips and Ideas:

  • Boz the Bear DVD's for your preschooler
  • This series does an amazing job at displaying thoughtfulness and honoring others above ourselves.
  • What are some ways our family can be others focused?
    • Doesn’t have to be grand, but for the biggest impact, start scheduling one thing for the benefit of others regularly
    • Start with: Pick up trash in your neighborhood, or in the neighborhood around your church – pray for the neighbors and talk about why we are going to be more intentional about blessing others
    • Watch a movie like Blind Side, Wonder or Dolphin Tale, then talk about how the characters in the movie chose to love others well.
    • Visit a nursing home
    • Get a five-dollar gift card for each person in the family, but instead of spending it on themselves, pray together as a family. Ask God to give each family member an idea of a person they should give it to (color of shirt or hair, age, in a certain aisle at the store, etc.) Then, go to store, park, or other public place and let the kids bless someone who matches the ideas they got while praying.
      • Also a great way to teach the kids to recognize how God talks to them
    • Pay for the meal of the car behind you in the drive-through
    • Write letters to active military or government leaders to thank them for their service or write a prayer out for them.
    • Set up a lemonade stand, and give the lemonade away for free or offer to pray with each person who stops
    • Have a day where they are not allowed to pray for themselves – all prayers must be for or about others.
    • Serve together at your church at least once a month
    • Do a one-month Random Acts of Kindness calendar – a quick web search and you will find some great options!
      • Do it in a month, so spread it out - one a week for 31 weeks!
    • Ask the kids! They will have some great ideas as well!