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Dec 2019

Episode 35: Where are angels today? (video)

December 9, 2019
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Angels are everywhere in the Christmas story and your kids will most likely have questions about them. That's why we did this special podcast on angels, to take some of the mystery out of that topic and help you know what the Bible says about angels, so you can give them biblical truths and not just opinion or hearsay. 

Did you know that the angel Gabriel, who speaks to Zechariah and Mary, also appeared to Daniel hundreds of years earlier! Angels also seem to be an expected result when the early church prayed, but where are they now?

Get the answers to this question and many more in this special podcast on what the Bible says about angels!

Special Resource Download: Praying the Prayers that Paul Prayed

In a few of the Pauline Epistles, Paul prayed for people and for churches. We took out where he said "you" or the church name, and put in a blank to make it easy to pray these prayers for your families, friends, churches, or whoever you want to add into those blanks!

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