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Nov 2019

Episode 32: How can I help my child to be more like Jesus? (audio)

November 18, 2019

How can I help my child to be more like Jesus?

Could you make a pretty good list of the strengths and the "rough areas" in each of your children?

Many of us can, and would LOVE to see those rough areas smoothed out, or even become strengths in our kids. But how can we do that? It seems like every day we become more familiar with our shortcomings as parents and are reminded how we don't have all the answers. So, how can we help our kids to become more like Jesus?

You can teach them through using a simple example using seeds! We going into more detail in this podcast, plus a whole lot more.

(This one builds on last week's podcast, so you'll want to listen to both this one and Episode 31. It's titled "A Life of Success")


Links mentioned in this podcast:

  • Family Advent Traditions Kit - a great way to start some fun traditions that remind everyone about how amazing Jesus is during this season, and that the kids look forward to every year!
  • Salvation Booklet for kids and teens - this booklet helps make the whole salvation process more clear to a kid, and even enables them to easily walk others into salvation. It is worth the couple bucks to go through as a family!