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Oct 2019

Episode 26: Encourging Kingdom Perspectives in your Kids (audio)

October 7, 2019

God didn't call His people to be like those all around us who don't know Him. He didn't even call His people to be similar.

God wants our lives to be so unlike those who don't know Him that it stirs the unsaved to learn more about Him.

But how we do raise up kids to think that living that different of a life is normal for Christians? What if others think that living the life that God has for us is weird, or strange, or so foreign that they don't understand it?

It's time for our kids to be the light that God wants in this world, and helping them recognize where we are not shining is the first step.

Here's the phrase you will hear a lot in the upcoming weeks:
  If you want the life that the world has,
  do what the world says to do.

  If you want the life that God has for you,
  do what the Word says to do.

This week, we evaluate the results of those lifestyles, and it becomes pretty evident pretty quick which one is better!