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Sep 2019

Episode 24: Helping my kids hear God’s voice (audio)

September 23, 2019


We all LOVE the Old Testament, the acts of faith, the accounts that are fun to read, but sometimes make NO sense to the "natural" mind! God used supernatural wonders and all kinds of ways to speak to His people, but does God still speak this way today? To me as a parent? To my kids? Stretch your expectations as a family to hear Him all day in everything. Is that possible!? We know it is, but try it and see what He does!!!

Family Time Activity:

  • Give everyone (including the parents) some modeling clay, play dough, or a sheet of paper.
  • Ask everyone to think of something to create, draw, build, etc. in 5 minutes (adjust the time if needed - you know your kids!)
  • Go around the table and have everyone show/explain what they created or were trying to make.
  • Then, look up Ezekiel 4:1-3 to see God telling Ezekiel to draw pictures and build models, and to use them to communicate what God is thinking!
  • Next, ask God to use each other's creations to tell us something encouraging or helpful.
  • Share with each other any ideas that pop in your head that would be kind, loving or helpful about the others around your table.
  • (You may want to require that the kids speak encouraging words about each other - it's great practice!)
  • Then encourage your family - even if it was tough to come up with something encouraging or uplifting to share about the others at the table, don't worry! The more we practice, the more we will hear God's voice and think about each other the way that God does!