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The Root Family Podcast

Apr 2019

Episode 1: The Power of our Words (audio)

April 1, 2019

Welcome to the VERY FIRST Root Family Bible Parent Podcast, created to work in tandem with the RootKids interactive, online co-op!

Ideas and Tools

  • "Freeze Frame" - When one of your children is not speaking things that bring life, tell them to "freeze", talk about the fruit of their words, then have them rewind, and speak what God is saying about the person that they were being harsh to.
  • Don't speak "always" statements about what you are seeing, begin speaking into who God has created them to be; speak God's solution over your child to those negative actions.
  • "31 Confessions of Truth Cards":
  • "Have you Filled A Bucket Today" by Carol McCloud:
  • Add truths, encouragement, and good things each child did into their own jar, read them out loud once a week to the whole family.
  • "Scripture Memorization System" by Charlotte Mason:
  • Encourage your child to not only memorize a verse, but draw it out - that creativity helps the verse and application to stick!
  • Table talks or car chats - Choose to have purposeful conversations and application of the Bible Verses they have been learning about!
  • Disagreement can be great - it becomes a great training of how to study something out to discover the truth!
  • Don't be afraid that you may not know the answers to all of the kids' questions. Admit that you don't know, then teach kids (by example) to search out the answers that you need. It's okay to learn along with your kids!
  • Lastly, look for ways to remember to help the kids evaluate their communication - does it bring life or death?

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